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Spirituality on Campus is a online blog and website designed to engage discussion around the convergence of the campus and spirituality.  Despite the 19% of the US claiming a status of “NONE” of no religious identity, spirituality is on the rise.  Numbers are even deceiving and there are some signs that identity markers of religion and spirituality may be showing an early emergence of a new trend happening on campus.  This blog is meant to be to the heart of these issues and address topics that administrators, students, religious professionals, and community members might find interesting and worthy of their time.

Spirituality on Campus is the work of those who are interested in this work.  Blog posts are welcomed and ideas from those who are following are highly encouraged.

383946_2138398181104_638868804_nSpirituality on Campus is organized by the Rev. J. Cody Nielsen, United Methodist clergy and Executive Director of the Wesley Foundation United Methodist Campus Ministry at the University of Minnesota.  Current President of the National Campus Ministry Association and recent recipient of the Louisville Foundation’s Pastoral Study Project Grant, Cody is invested in a new era of identity and transformation in higher education.  He believes that the final piece of the co-curricular is that of spiritual identity and religious tolerance and understanding.  While a United Methodist and Christian in his own life, Cody is dedicated to the work of multi-faith dialogue, coalition building, higher education, and living in tension with justice issues across spiritual traditions.


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